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 Valley of Rainbows' Youth Scholarship Program

We believe the youth are our future leaders and have the creativity and determination to create a genuine change within their commuity and in their personal lives.

Our scholarship support has provided Wai'anae Coast youth the opportunity to attend civic minded school events, special conferences, travel experiences, educational workshops, participation in cultural activities, and organized sports.

Since 1999, 1850 youth (ages 8-17) have benefitted from our monthly scholarship program.  Each month $1,500 is budgeted for our Scholarship Fund.  Checks payable to supporting agency, never to child or family.

HOW TO APPLY - send an email to denice@valleyofrainbows.org for an online application.  (Computers are available to borrow/use at Boys and Girls Club, Waianae Library, Oahu WorkLinks, NFL Yet in Nanakulii and Kamehameha Schools Community Center in Nanakuli.  Bring your own paper for all print projects).  Or send an email to denice@valleyofrainbows.org and an email/online fillable packet will be emailed.  (Adobe Reader required).


  • Resident of Wai'anae Coast (Kahe to Ka'ena Point), Oahu.  Sorry, no PO Boxes, please list home and street address.
  • Age 8-17 by application deadline.
  • An active member or registered participant in an established, organized youth club, activity or event.
  • Submit a fifty (50) word essay describing your activity, explaing how funds will be used, why you need these funds and how long you've participated in this activity.  Written by applicant.
  • Include a wallet size picture with your application. (Sorry, will not be returned.  Copy or digital photo OK).
  • Attach a copy of your recent report card. (will not be returned).
  • Maximum award (five) 5 awards per person in a lifetime, once in a 12 month period.
  • Complete six (6) hours of community service before getting another award (or within the calendar year), or unable to reapply for future funds.  Reporting forms are included in your original packet and award letter.  Complete six (6) hours at a nonprofit agency, preferably within the Leeward Coast within 12 months and return completed form to VoR.
  • Verification from school event organizer, or club official required.  Phone and signature required, agency will be contacted for verification with copy of activity budget or expense detail
  • Please write legibly and provide working/current phone contact.  Confirmation and award notification will be made via phone. 

NEW!  Effective January 1, 2008.  Applications must now be mailed to our PO Box 1009, Wai'anae, HI 96792, postmarked by the first Monday of each month.  Please use #10 envelope to ensure timely delivery.  (Larger envelopes may delay application as we will not be able to pick up at P.O.).  Please add extra postage to guarantee delivery.  We are NOT responsible for postage due or delayed/lost mailings.  Please do NOT fax applications.  (Return to top)


Incomplete applications will be returned and delay your application, be sure to read checklist thoroughly.  Please DO NOT make copies of application to submit.  You can make a personal copy for your records/files.   


It will be YOUR responsibility to fulfill your six (6) hours of community service requirement before receiving future award(s).  Forms are included in your application packet and in your award presentation.  For additional copies, email denice@valleyofrainbows.org for an additional copy. (Return to top)


  • Recipients will be contacted upon approval.
  • Attend award presentation to receive your scholarship, usually 3rd Monday starting at 6 p.m. at NFL YET Boys and Girls Club in Nanakuli.  Must be present to receive award or send an adult family representative.  We start on time, please come early to register and check in!  Great photo opportunity, family members welcome! 
  • Parents and family members invited.  Great photo opportunity! 
  • Look for your picture in the monthly issue of Westside Stories, page 2, our media partner.  (Return to top)


Your six (6) hours of community service may be at one or more organizations. It should:


·         Benefit a nonprofit community or organization, preferably in the Leeward Coast/Wai’anae community.  (Kahe Point to Kaena).

·         Meet a legitimate community need.

·         Have a significant impact on you.

·         Not benefit a political campaign or religious activity.

·         Not benefit yourself, personal or a family organized agency/project.

·         Not place the scholarship recipient in a position in which a relative or fellow recipient is a supervisor of the activity.


·         If eligible for a future scholarship, community service of six (6) hours must be performed within twelve (12) months of scholarship award to qualify for a future award. 


Email denice@valleyofrainbows.org to receive a CS reporting form via email.


·         Complete the Community Service form within twelve (12) months of award and mail to: 

Valley of Rainbows

Attn:  Community Service Project

PO Box 1009

Wai’anae, HI 96792

 Email denice@valleyofrainbows.org for an e-application today!


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